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7 Simple Steps to Building an App

It’s no secret that the app industry has created a whole new level of how consumers behave. In our everyday life, we are immersed in all these “cool” apps that just seems to fit right into our daily routines. That said, I’m sure we have all come across this one...

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How To Get More Customers Using Mobile Apps

How to get more customers using mobile apps? Mobile apps are great tools for engaging, entertaining and educating customers. You can use them drive sales, capture leads and tap into new revenue streams. Let’s take a closer look at how exactly you can achieve this....

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So You’ve Developed a Mobile App, Now What?

Swag Soft has helped many clients developed their apps and very often, when we ask them one pertinent question, they do not have a real answer. We ask them – “Now that you’ve developed an app, what are you going to do next with it?” Perhaps you are in the same...

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Are You Looking for the Best App Developer in Singapore?

Are you looking for the best app developer in Singapore? If you stumbled upon this post because you were Googling for ‘best app developer in Singapore’ or ‘top app developer in Singapore’, we are sorry to disappoint. Swag Soft does not carry one of those lofty,...

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A Tribute to the SG50 Games Project Stakeholders

Last week saw the launch of five SG50 games, one of which was developed by Swag Soft. We made a game called Building the Lion, a board game which allows players to build their own version of Singapore complete with iconic buildings, HDB flats and restaurants selling...

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App Outsourcing

I have a confession to make. When Swag Soft was still a 3-man team, we outsourced one of our app development projects. We were new, but we were swamped with more projects than a small team could handle. Instead of giving up projects, we decided we would outsource....

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